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The Giving of Thanks

It’s far too easy as an entrepreneur to be too wrapped up in your business to be aware of all the greatness around you. Fall always acts as a reminder for us to slow down a bit, look around and practice graditude for the amazing life being an entrepreneur affords us. Here’s my quick but not complete list of things I am grateful for right now:

1). Our farm. How incredibly lucky are we to wake up and work every day in a beautiful, natural place with all our crazy critters to keep us company. No day can be bad when you are throwing the ball for your old dog in the sun.

2). Each other. How many couples can spend this much time together, making huge life decisions in synch, enjoying the same hobbies, debate and engage in active discourse while always respecting each other. The #cowboywinemaker is my soul.

3). Friends and Family. We don’t spend enough time with those who care about us, and we know it. But we are so grateful for everyone in our lives who support us through the highs and the lows, take us out for beers and wine and give us shoulders to cry on.

4). Our product. We are so, so, proud of what we grow and produce here. Despite all the stress this business brings we can look at our final product with great satisfaction and be extremely proud of what we create.

There’s so much joy and beauty in the world that we can easily lose sight of. I’m thankful for the turning leaves, the chilly frost and the shortening days that remind me to slow down and cherish what’s around us. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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