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“Land of the Living Skies” isn’t just a license plate slogan. For us it encapsulates the true magic of living on the prairies. From amazing sunsets, to northern lights or the vision of 100,000 birds migrating overhead, when you look up in Saskatchewan there’s always something amazing to see. We create our wines in that spirit of awe and amazement.. If you want commercial, mass-produced wine that comes in a box – well, our wine’s not for you. But if you care about local sustainable production, artisan craftsmanship and wine that brings a smile to your face from the first sip – well, we can help you with that

Our History

Otherwise known as ranch girl meets biologist...and they start a prairie winery

Bought Farm (literally)


Decided we needed to get back to our roots and bought a goat farm...

Started orchard


Planted orchard just to grow wine...and used all of the great goat manure that came with the farm...

Released first vintage


Released a very small number of cases in our launch...



Now in liquor stores across the prairies...

"Old joke: How do you make a small fortune in the wine business? Start with a large fortune. But doing it in Perdue, Saskatchewan? That’s the type of passion we bow down to."

Western Living Magazine

"This wine is so good customers have even been known to fight over the last bottle!"

Jenn Sharp, Saskatoon Star Phoenix

“Don't let their backgrounds fool you: the minds behind Living Sky Winery have perfected the art of locally sustainable wine.”

Westjet UP! Magazine

Days of sunshine a year
Awards won
Places to buy
Happy customers
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Our Wines

Leggy, social, fun to take to parties….our sustainable wines will be the talk of your Christmas party…


We guarantee our ciders are like nothing you have ever tasted…


Our Great Team

Visionaries, pioneers, eye-candy, we've been called it all. Well, maybe not eye-candy...

Vance Lester
The Cowboy Winemaker/Operations

The artist, science guru and cowboy of the operation.

Susan Echlin
Marketing Guru/Box Lifter

Responsible for all things pretty and financial