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May Long – Sunshine and Wine

The May long weekend always seems like the turning point where we finally can breath a sigh of relief over the end of winter and look forward to a summer full of friends, fun and sunshine.

We are happy to announce to our friends in Regina that Redwing Spring, our special cider release, will be available at the Regina Farmers’ Market this Saturday – the wait is officially over! Rhubarb is also back and both will be available at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market as well.

This is the time of year that we also get swamped with work in the orchard. Fruit on the prairies ‘hurries hard’ as soon as some sunshine and heat kick in and that means we have to scramble to keep up. Because we mechanically manage weeds and don’t use chemicals if we fall being this time of year it goes feral really, really quickly. So it’s up at dawn and picking weeds – and we love every minute of it!

Have a great long weekend everyone. Although we don’t personally actually get a long weekend now until next January, we love seeing our relaxed and smiling customers all summer long. Enjoy!

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